Dog Food Reality Check with Meijer and Purina

This post is part of #CheckYourPetFood with Meijer and Purina and is hosted by #CollectiveBias but all thoughts, opinions and photography are mine!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. : )

Is it just me or is February f-l-y-i-n-g by? Oh my gosh, I feel like the month just started and suddenly it’s already over with. I don’t know about you, but I feel like once March rolls around, I am in springtime mode and all I can think about is sunshine, warm air and having the windows open in our house.

The month of February has given me quite a few opportunties to spend time with my sister, which I am always so grateful for! Whenever we’re together, we somehow always find ourselves making a “Sister Meijer Trip” and this past weekend was no exception! We had a busy Saturday of errands ahead of us, including picking up some new dog food for Cooper, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out Curbside Pickup at my local Meijer. I’m not sure how or why it has taken me so long to use this service – it is awesome.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Meijer’s Curbside Pickup allows you to shop online, add items to your cart, select your designated pick up time and then a Meijer associate does the in-store shopping for you. How convenient is that? Shopping online was super easy: I went to, signed into my Meijer account, reserved my time for Curbside Pickup and then searched for the item that I needed.


Once I had my item, I entered my credit card information to reserve my future purchase, reviewed / placed my order and I was done!

My sister, Cooper and I headed out for the day and our first stop was Meijer. We pulled up to the Curbside Pickup area of the store and parked in one of the designated parking spots. From there, I called the phone number on our parking spot to let the Meijer associate know that we were there for our pickup time and that we were parked in spot #6.


Within just a few minutes, a Meijer associate brought out a shopping cart with my purchase right to our car and was kind enough to load the items in the car for me, which was amazing because it was snowing like crazy and FREEZING cold. I paid for my purchase on the spot and we were on our way! Seriously, so incredible. I am looking forward to using Curbside Pickup again in the very near future.


The end of February will officially mark five months of Cooper being home with us and it’s sincerely so hard to imagine what life would be like without him! It’s amazing how quickly pets become part of your family, and my husband and I have only wanted the best for Cooper since day one. As a health and wellness coach and enthusiast, I am always checking and reading food labels before bringing something into our home, and the items we buy for Coop are no exception. Even before we brought Cooper home, I would slowly wander the pet food aisles, picking up packages and carefully studying their ingredients. As my husband and I get ready to start the process of transitioning Cooper to adult dog food, understanding ingredients is as imperative as ever, so I am happy to have found Purina® Beneful® and Purina® Dog Chow.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Corgi breed, they’re adorable dogs with big ears, long bodies and short legs! Because their legs are so short, it is crucial that Corgi’s maintain a healthy weight as to not put too much strain on their little joints — enter Purina Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken! Not only is chicken the very first and #1 ingredient in this food, it also has accents of real fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and green beans. This food also has 24 grams of protein, 23 essential vitamins and minerals and 10% fewer calories than Beneful Originals with Real Beef.

Real and natural ingredients are really important to me, so what I loved about Purina Dog Chow Natural Plus Vitamins & Minerals is that this food is made with real chicken, has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, contains 25% protein per serving and is 100% complete and balanced for adult dogs. Plus, some natural dog foods can be pricey and I was pleasantly surprised to find how affordable this food was!


If you’re unsure of what to look for when reading labels, take some time to really study the ingredient list and #CheckYourPetFood! Does the food have real meat like chicken? Or only meat flavor? Look for quality ingredients like those found in Purina Dog Chow and Purina Beneful.


Shopping for both Purina Beneful and Beneful Dog Chow at Meijer meant real meat at the right price. Since I was in a time crunch last weekend, I love that Meijer made it so easy for me to shop online and conveniently pick up my items with Curbside Pickup but if you’re shopping in-store, make it a point to stop by Meijer’s pet section! They do a really nice job of clearly displaying all of the pet food and treats they have to offer so you’re able to find what you need quickly and easily. And, if you’re an MPerks member, you can save on Beneful and Dog Chow at Meijer. From now until March 3rd, get $1 off of a 32 lb bag or smaller of Dog Chow or $1 off any size of Beneful Dog Food! Details here.

Cooper and I both hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


Be Well,